Ligos Introduces MediaRig™ Core

New MPEG Encoding and Transcoding Platform for Broadcast, Broadband and Professional Video to Debut at NAB2003

San Francisco, CA – (March 18, 2003) Ligos Corporation today announced MediaRig Core, its latest MPEG product for Broadcast, Broadband and Professional video applications. MediaRig Core is a multi-standard, software-based video processing “engine” that assembles all the software and interfaces required to transform the PC platform into an affordable professional-class real-time encoder or transcoder. Ligos will be debuting MediaRig Core at the National Association of Broadcasters show, NAB2003, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 5-10 2003, in the South Hall at Booth #SL1656.

“MediaRig Core represents a two year effort to bring our innovative approaches to these high-end video markets,” said Mark Koziol, President and CEO of Ligos Corporation. “Many in these industries are struggling with a dizzying array of requirements for video, but find themselves encumbered by inflexible and costly hardware-based solutions. MediaRig Core is truly the first alternative to hardware-based MPEG encoders that doesn’t sacrifice the performance, quality and reliability that’s required for Broadcast, Broadband and Professional video applications.”

MediaRig Core’s scaleable, modular software allows video system developers and manufacturers to meet application-specific requirements on an as-needed basis. It not only provides a more cost-effective path to equivalent reliability and performance associated with “black box” encoders, but also surpasses the picture quality of those encoders. Video system providers can use MediaRig Core to incorporate flexible encoding features – live real-time encode, file transcode, stream transrating, dual stream processing – wherever required. By taking advantage of the ever-growing power of general-purpose processors and the latest in Ligos’ award-winning real-time software, the MediaRig Core provides high performance and pristine quality in a variety of formats with a wide range of powerful features.

MediaRig Core – Key Features

  • Software-based low latency MPEG encoder and file-based transcoder
  • Simultaneous encode of dual video inputs with built-in multi-channel multiplexing
  • MPEG-2 (MP@ML and 4:2:2P@ML) and MPEG-1
  • Elementary, System, Program, and Transport Stream
  • Service information in DVB Systems
  • CBR and VBR, 1.5 Mbit/s to 50 Mbit/s
  • Exclusive techniques for motion estimation and rate control that result in picture quality that exceeds that of many hardware encoders
  • Telecine detection with 3:2 Pull Down
  • Plug-in API for certified SDI, analog composite NTSC/PAL and S-Video input and DVB ASI output cards
  • Closed captioning support (EIA 608 Line 21)
  • Built-in scaling functionality for popular Broadcast application formats
  • MPEG Level II audio, with optional software Dolby* Digital (AC-3) 2-channel encoding and 5.1 transcode and passthru
  • Designed for 24x7x365, “five nine” reliability

MediaRig Core – Applications

  • ATSC/DVB Broadcast related applications
  • VOD and Broadband
  • Central Casting
  • Remote contribution and distribution
  • Ingest-to-archive, Store-and-forward
  • Corporate communications and distance learning
  • Studio & Post Production Digital Film Conversion and Editing


MediaRig Core is available for licensing as an underlying encoding and transcoding engine, and provided as software modules and a developers kit for professional Windows operating systems. Broadcast and professional video system developers interested in previewing MediaRig are invited to visit Ligos at NAB2003 show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 5-10 2003, in the South Hall at Booth #SL1656.

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About Ligos Corporation

Headquartered in San Francisco, Ligos Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of software-based media stream management technology. Since 1997, Ligos has been a leader in video compression, delivering real-time software codecs and video tools designed to run on standard platforms. For more information on Ligos Corporation, MediaRig Core and licensing, visit its Web site at, or call 1 (415) 249-0100 or toll free at 1 (888) 464-8765 to speak with a sales representative.

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