Ligos and MPEG Software Encoding Featured in Broadcast Hardware Magazine

There is a vast amount of new and existing video assets that needs to be digitised – for broadcast, broadband, satellite, DVD, etc – and the MPEG-2 codec has clearly become the universal solution. George Mancuso addresses the ‘hardware vs software’ question.

Traditionally, ‘hardware-based’ MPEG encoders have dominated broadcast and professional equipment powered by single chip IC encoders or chipsets encompassing Application Specific ICs (ASIC), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) or Digital Signal Processors (DSP). However, another approach is rapidly becoming reality for the professional broadcast market: ‘softwarebased’ encoding, utilising software applications for encoding and transcoding media that run on PCs powered by general-purpose CPUs. Utilised in the consumer market for several years, software-based encoders have been unable to break into the professional broadcast arena because of limitations including speed, quality and the reliability required for broadcasting. However, recent advancements in the speed of these processors and improvements in the software (both applications and operating systems) have changed the landscape. Real time, software-based approaches to MPEG, such as Ligos’ MediaRig family of MPEG encoding products, are now a true alternative for the professional broadcast industry.

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Ligos Announces H.264 Video Development Plans Based on Intel Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (September 3, 2003) : Ligos Corporation today announced their intention to develop and bring to market new products based on the emerging H.264 video codec standard and Intel-based platforms. The two companies will work together to combine an H.264 implementation optimized for Intel-based platforms with the customization and advanced features necessary to enable an enhanced video experience across a broad spectrum of applications and environments.

Intel researchers have optimized the H.264 codec for Intel-based platforms. Ligos will expand and incorporate the Intel-optimized H.264 technology into future Ligos products for the PC, handheld and broadcast video markets.

H.264, also known as AVC or MPEG-4 Part 10, brings a new level of efficiency in terms of compression and quality to digital video, enabling a wide variety of applications such as high-definition DVD, video-on-demand, digital home products, video over IP, and delivery of video over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks.

“We’re very pleased to again be working with Intel to bring next generation video technologies like H.264 to a larger audience,” said Mark Koziol, President and CEO of Ligos Corporation. “Intel and Ligos have a long history of redefining what can be done with the combination of our optimized video software running on powerful Intel-based platforms. Our goal is to develop and distribute “best of breed” H.264 products in such a way that they make the greatest impact on a broad variety of markets.”

“The improved quality and bandwidth efficiency of H.264 requires intense computational power and Intel researchers have optimized the H.264 codec to take advantage of the high performance of Intel-based platforms for servers, PCs and handheld devices,” said Shane Wall of Intel’s Emerging Platform Lab. “We intend our platforms to play a pivotal role in the creation and consumption of next-generation media which will be aided by Ligos’ development and delivery of H.264 applications to a wide audience.”

Work is already underway to extend the H.264 implementation with advanced features for optimized applications on Intel-based systems and devices with availability from Ligos targeted for later this year.

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