Ligos and MPEG Software Encoding Featured in Broadcast Hardware Magazine

There is a vast amount of new and existing video assets that needs to be digitised – for broadcast, broadband, satellite, DVD, etc – and the MPEG-2 codec has clearly become the universal solution. George Mancuso addresses the ‘hardware vs software’ question.

Traditionally, ‘hardware-based’ MPEG encoders have dominated broadcast and professional equipment powered by single chip IC encoders or chipsets encompassing Application Specific ICs (ASIC), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) or Digital Signal Processors (DSP). However, another approach is rapidly becoming reality for the professional broadcast market: ‘softwarebased’ encoding, utilising software applications for encoding and transcoding media that run on PCs powered by general-purpose CPUs. Utilised in the consumer market for several years, software-based encoders have been unable to break into the professional broadcast arena because of limitations including speed, quality and the reliability required for broadcasting. However, recent advancements in the speed of these processors and improvements in the software (both applications and operating systems) have changed the landscape. Real time, software-based approaches to MPEG, such as Ligos’ MediaRig family of MPEG encoding products, are now a true alternative for the professional broadcast industry.

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