Ligos MediaRig Encoder SD System Used by Global Link for Major U.S. Network’s 2005 Academy Awards Pre-Show

Most cost-effective SD encoder available with 4:2:0/4:2:2 and more features than comparable encoders for broadcast-quality applications

NAB: Las Vegas, NV – (April 14, 2005) : Ligos announced their MediaRig™ Encoder SD was used by Global Link Productions for live television feeds on a major network to broadcast their 2005 Academy Awards® arrivals activities from the red carpet. A new MPEG-2 encoder suitable for contribution, broadcast, broadband, and distribution applications, MediaRig Encoder SD is a feature-rich, cost-effective system suitable for a wide-range of broadband, satellite and terrestrial applications.

At NAB2005, Booth # SU9632, Ligos will demonstrate the impressive flexibility and superior quality of MediaRig Encoder SD. Previously only available as software and a PCI I/O card, MediaRig Encoder is now available as a complete “out of the box” 1U rackmount system capable of processing two channels.

“The recent uplink of Academy Award pre-show material for a major U.S. network, using MediaRig Encoder SD, proved the reliability and quality of the encoder,” said George Mancuso, Vice President of Broadcast Business Development at Ligos. “The fact is, traditional hardware encoders are software driven as well, but they are far more expensive and often less flexible. Now, software is driving the hardware.” By combining dramatic improvements in the Intel platform with Ligos’ own innovative software and hardware design, MediaRig Encoder SD is a compact, reliable alternative that redefines the cost vs. performance tradeoff that service providers have traditionally been forced to address.

The Academy Award uplink was performed by Global Link with their new, four-path uplink truck which uses MediaRig Encoders as well as traditional encoders with 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 capability. Each path had a different camera angle strategically located at different locations on the red carpet and was uplinked back to the network in New York to provide live, on-air coverage.

“We tested MediaRig Encoder SD extensively before we used it in live broadcasts, and felt confident that it would perform for our customers,” said Dan Makinster, President, Global Link. “There was no perceptible difference in the video quality between MediaRig Encoder SD and other encoders that we used simultaneously, side-by-side. After using it for a variety of uplinks, including a recent, high profile criminal trial in Northern California, we knew we had discovered an excellent alternative to much more expensive encoders requiring more rack space, which is always at a premium in broadcast trucks.”

Two MediaRig Encoder SD systems can provide complete redundancy in two rack units of space versus four rack units required by two traditional encoders. Additionally, MediaRig Encoder SD is about half the price of comparable encoders on the market, yet with additional features. With variable settings displayed in a well laid out GUI on the PC monitor, an operator can easily manage video data rates, PIDs, inputs and levels without having to scroll through the complex and unfriendly LCD displays of traditional encoders.

MediaRig Encoder SD’s exceptional picture quality meets or exceeds that of other encoders in objective picture analysis and ratings tests. This is achieved by utilizing a patented fast search motion estimation algorithm and exclusive software techniques for rate control and pre-processing. Other key features include:

  • MPEG-2 MP@ML 4:2:0 and 4:2:2P@ML and IMX processing
  • Single and Dual Channel input options
  • Analog and Digital AV NTSC/PAL input
  • SPTS/SCPC or MPTS/MCPC Transport Stream output
  • ASI, Ethernet UDP multicast and file output options
  • Constant and Variable bitrate operation
  • MPEG LII and Dolby Digital™ AC-3 audio output
  • DVS 157 and EIA 608 Line 21 Closed Captioning
  • ATSC Static PSIP and DVB PSI/SI control tables
  • Logo (bug) insertion
  • Remote management of multiple systems

MediaRig Encoder SD is primarily targeted toward multichannel operators in cable, satellite and broadband, but also offers a variety of features that make it ideal for other professional applications such as ASTC/DVB DTV broadcast, fixed and mobile satellite contribution/distribution, and ingest-to-archive.

For technical details or information on pricing (including special dealer pricing), please visit the Ligos website at or contact, or visit us at NAB2005 at Booth #SU9632.

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