Oceanic Time Warner Cable and Ligos Go Live with SportsChoice and MediaRig Mosaic

Innovative MSO Utilizes Ligos’ MediaRig Mosaic to Bring Video Rich Navigation to its Subscribers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (November 2, 2006): Ligos Corporation and Oceanic Time Warner Cable announced today the launch of the cable operator’s new video-rich program channel, “SportsChoice”, using Ligos’ MediaRig® Mosaic system. MediaRig Mosaic is Ligos’ new system for MSOs who are seeking a compact, cost-effective solution to provide an enhanced visual and navigation experience to their subscribers.

SportsChoice on Oceanic Cable Channel 200, created with Ligos MediaRig Mosaic systemSportsChoice on Oceanic Cable Channel 200 takes one of the latest innovations in the interactive viewer experience and extends it a step further for advertisers. Using a tiled “mosaic” approach, the SportsChoice channel displays multiple thumbnails of high-quality live video streams on a single TV screen. Viewers use the arrow buttons on their remotes to highlight individual video tiles and hear the accompanying audio, and can directly navigate to that channel if something captures their interest.

In addition, SportsChoice dedicates a portion of the screen to sponsors as an additional screen element. Prominently positioned advertiser “banners” are added and displayed on a dynamic rotating basis. This presents not only a branding impression for the sponsor, but a click through opportunity as well. When the viewer selects the banner, they’re taken to Oceanic’s sponsor portal, where the viewer may choose to view a product video from the sponsor. The ability to dynamically change content on the fly or as-scheduled is a unique feature of MediaRig Mosaic, and SportsChoice is one of the first video-rich navigation channels to explore the potential of this capability.

“We’re very excited about SportsChoice and what it means for both our subscribers and our advertisers,” said Nate Smith, president of Oceanic and Time Warner Cable’s Hawaii Division. “We have a history of firsts with our advanced interactive services, and we’re pleased to add Ligos’ MediaRig Mosaic platform to our extensive offerings.”

“Ligos is extremely pleased to be a part of this effort to bring the enhanced viewing experience not only to Oceanic subscribers, but to its Ad Sales customers as well,” said Mark Koziol, CEO of Ligos Corporation, which provided and customized the Mosaic system for Oceanic. “Oceanic continues to provide its customers with the best of cutting-edge television, and it’s for this kind of application that we created MediaRig Mosaic.”

A single MediaRig Mosaic unit takes the places of up to a dozen hardware MPEG decoders and stack of equipment that might otherwise be required to generate a single guide channel. It consolidates all of the required functions – MPEG decoding, re-scaling, compositing, navigation metadata, re-encoding, and multiplexing – into a single, compact platform that can be managed online in real-time either locally or remotely. As a result, MediaRig Mosaic is the most efficient solution available for operators to produce video-rich channels for value added services such as interactive program guides (IPG), video-on-demand (VOD) and pay-per-view (PPV) gateways, localization, audio-only channels, specialty advertising, news and information and more.

About Oceanic Time Warner Cable

Oceanic currently delivers a diverse selection of entertainment and information services by way of an advanced fiber optic/coax network to more than 400,000 households, schools and businesses on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island. Among its products are Road Runner high-speed Internet as well as Digital Phone services. The company has provided quality cable service for Hawaii residents since 1969. Oceanic Time Warner Cable is the thirteenth largest system in the U.S. and its parent company, Time Warner Entertainment, LLP, is a major developer of entertainment and information content. For more information, visit www.oceanic.com.

About Ligos Corporation

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ligos Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of proven alternatives for cost-effective digital video processing. Ligos specializes in software-based solutions for the repurposing of digital video, optimized for distribution, device and content. By combining its video processing software with today’s powerful, inexpensive multi-core platform, Ligos products can replicate, consolidate and enhance the features of existing products, made available as a single, rapidly deployable device at a significant reduction in cost to the Broadcast industry. For more information on Ligos Corporation and MediaRig Mosaic, visit its website at www.ligos.com.