Ligos Showcases MediaRig Mosaic with New IPG Features

Latest release, to be featured at NAB2007, expands its reach with new middleware compatibility and usability features

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (April 3, 2007): Ligos Corporation has announced that its MediaRig® Mosaic system has been updated with new middleware features to enable video-rich navigation with Interactive Program Guides (IPGs) such as TV Guide’s i-Guide(tm), giving more cable providers the ability to implement a next-generation navigation guide, even on an install-base of DCT-2000 class set-top boxes. This latest development, as well as new features such as integrated channel mapping, demonstrates Ligos’ commitment to working closely with industry leaders to deliver the latest video enhancements to the widest audience. Multichannel providers in the Cable, IPTV and DBS segments, as well as middleware vendors who are interested in incorporating this exciting product into their own offerings are invited to view a hands-on demonstration of MediaRig Mosaic at NAB2007 in Booth #SU11321, April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

VRN Screen produced with Ligos MediaRig Mosaic systemMediaRig Mosaic creates an interactive guide channel that displays multiple thumbnails of high-quality live video on a single TV screen. Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) can group similar content together and create audience-specific portals for News, Sports, Family, Movie and Local content, and even incorporate advertising, service promotions and other interactive elements to the presentation. Viewers at home use their remote to highlight and navigate individual video tiles and hear the accompanying audio, and can navigate directly to a channel that captures their interest. These video-rich channels provide operators new value-added opportunities to direct subscribers to services such as video-on-demand (VOD) and pay-per-view (PPV) gateways, localized advertising, bundled triple-play service promotions and more. In 2006, MediaRig Mosaic enabled Oceanic Time Warner Cable to roll out SportsChoice, a mosaic channel that provides a mix of live national and local sports content as well as interactive sponsored advertising.

“The new middleware support in MediaRig Mosaic allows more providers to deliver this enhanced viewing experience to their subscribers,” said Mark Koziol, CEO of Ligos Corporation. “Although video-rich guide channels have been possible for a few years, we feel our approach – one that combines all of the processing into a single, compact box –represents a decisive opportunity for those who actually want to implement them. MSOs and middleware providers will find MediaRig Mosaic extremely compelling, especially when they see how easily we can help them enable it within their systems.”

MediaRig Mosaic is Ligos’ compact system for those seeking the highest quality, most cost-effective solution to provide video-rich IPG channels and more to their subscribers. Unlike other mosaic options, a single compact MediaRig Mosaic system replaces the stack of equipment that might otherwise be required to generate a single guide channel. This system integrates all of the required functions into a single, compact platform that can be managed online in real-time, either locally or remotely. Multichannel providers in the Cable, IPTV and DBS segments, and middleware providers interested in MediaRig Mosaic are invited to contact us through our website at, by phone at 888-464-8765 (toll free) ext. 101 or 415-249-0100 ext.101, or visit us at NAB2007 in Booth #SU11321.

About Ligos Corporation

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ligos Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of proven alternatives for cost-effective digital video processing. Ligos specializes in flexible solutions for the repurposing of digital video, optimized for distribution, device and content. By combining its MediaRig video processing software with today’s powerful, inexpensive multi-core platforms, Ligos can replicate, consolidate and enhance the features of many existing products, and provide a single, rapidly deployable device at a significant reduction in cost to those in the Broadcast industries. For more information on Ligos Corporation and MediaRig Mosaic, visit its website at