Cablevisión México Selects Ligos for Enhanced Digital Mosaic

Mexico’s premier digital cable company launches world’s most extensive deployment of video-rich guide channels utilizing Ligos MediaRig Mosaic

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (November 18, 2008): Ligos Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of platforms for advanced video processing, has announced that Ligos MediaRig® Mosaic systems have been selected by Cablevision® Mexico for its major deployment of digital mosaic channels. Cablevisión, S.A. de C.V. (CABLEVISION) is Mexico’s largest digital cable operator, and their rollout of multi-channel mosaics is the largest worldwide to date. Mosaic is Ligos’ enhanced program guide system that not only provides a next-generation navigation experience to cable subscribers today, but an advertising-based ROI opportunity for cable operators as well.

“Cablevision strives to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to deploying the latest innovations to our digital cable subscribers,” said Jean Paul Broc Haro, CEO of Cablevisión. “Having evaluated a number of options, we found MediaRig Mosaic to be the most versatile and reliable solution to bring this cutting-edge viewing experience to our subscribers. Further, Ligos provided exemplary support and features that allowed us to easily implement a key enhancement – dynamic advertising – for our digital mosaic channels.”

Cablevision Mexico Digital Mosaic guides layout and architecture, powered by MediaRig Mosaic from Ligos.

MediaRig Mosaic is a Ligos system for multichannel operators seeking a compact, high-quality solution able to provide video-rich IPG channels to their subscribers, even on an install-base of DCT-2000 class STBs. Using a tiled “video montage” layout, a mosaic channel shows multiple thumbnails of high-quality live video streams on a single TV screen. The viewer uses the arrow buttons on their remote control to navigate and highlight individual tiles and hear the accompanying audio, and can directly tune to that channel if something captures their interest. With MediaRig Mosaic, operators can group content together and create audience-specific portals for News, Sports, Family, and Premium content, and even incorporate advertising and service promotions into the presentation. Cablevisión’s large-scale implementation includes a master mosaic channel that links to subcategories of more mosaics, which also feature interactive advertising for programming and additional provider services.

“This rollout represents the latest of many successes for our Mosaic within the Latin American cable market alone. We couldn’t be more pleased to see an industry leader such as Cablevisión in Mexico City really push the concept with such an innovative approach,” said Mark Koziol, CEO of Ligos Corporation. “Over the past year we’ve found great interest from multichannel operators worldwide in rolling out these new interfaces, and I think they’re pleasantly surprised by both MediaRig Mosaic’s capabilities and how easily it has integrated into their existing infrastructure.”

Unlike other approaches, a single compact MediaRig Mosaic system replaces the stack of equipment that might otherwise be required to generate a single guide channel. Mosaic is compatible with a wide variety of industry EPG middleware solutions including i-Guide (TM) and Passport(R) Interactive from Macrovision(R), Microsoft(R) Foundation, SARA, MDN 3.0 and ETV/EBIF. As a result, MediaRig Mosaic has become the most widely-deployed solution for these enhanced program guides, and is distinguished by its video quality, flexibility and Ligos’ highly-rated service and support. Multichannel and middleware providers interested in MediaRig Mosaic are invited to contact us through our website at, by phone at 888-464-8765 (toll free) ext. 101 or 415-249-0100 ext.101.


Currently, CABLEVISION (BMV: CABLE) is the largest Digital MSO in Mexico. This cable company, 51% of which is owned by Grupo Televisa, the largest Spanish-spoken communication enterprise, has a subscriber base of more than 550 thousand for Digital Cable TV and over 150 thousand for High Speed Internet in Mexico City and its Metropolitan Area. Founded more than 40 years ago, CABLEVISION(R) has become the leader in entertainment and communication services, providing the latest convergent technology solutions. This grants its subscribers the freedom to enjoy, in a single account and with important savings, their famous Digital TV service, a reliable High Speed Internet connection, and most recently, an attractive Digital Voice Service (Double or Triple Play bundle portfolio). CABLEVISION was the first company to provide Mexico City residents with innovative services often available to only the most advanced countries in the world. Now CABLEVISION is proudly the only cable company on the planet which is 100% digital, and the first Multi-Channel Provider (cable or satellite) in the country to offer the TiVo(R) Service. Furthermore, CABLEVISION is the only Cable Operator in the country that quotes in the Mexican stock-market. Its next-generation hybrid network consists of more than 11,000 km of coaxial cable and optical fiber, covering more than 1.5 million households in Mexico City. Through this network, CABLEVISION is able to distribute high quality content with more than 245 channels, unique services such as next generation interactivity (with CABLEVISION On Demand and mosaic), 1080i high definition, and value-added features such as broadband internet connection, digital video recording and many other premiums for its subscribers.

About Ligos Corporation

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ligos Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of proven alternatives for cost-effective digital video processing. Ligos specializes in flexible solutions for the repurposing of digital video, optimized for distribution, device and content. By combining its MediaRig video processing software with today’s powerful, inexpensive multi-core platforms, Ligos can replicate, consolidate and enhance the features of many existing products, and provide a single, rapidly deployable device at a significant reduction in cost to those in the broadcast industry. For more information on Ligos Corporation and MediaRig Mosaic, visit its website at