Ligos Leaps into New Decade with ETV/EBIF Mosaic Guide

Cable industry’s first EBIF program guide enhancement ships to major U.S. cable operator for 2010 deployment

SAVANNAH, GA – (January 12, 2010): Ligos Corporation has announced that it finished 2009 by closing a deal with one of the nation’s largest cable operators for a set of Ligos’ EBIF-based ETV Mosaic systems. EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) is a standard for interactive television applications, and ETV Mosaic enables the creation and delivery of interactive presentations for program guides and much more on EBIF-enabled systems. The design win represents a significant affirmation of Ligos’ ETV initiatives, set to expand throughout 2010 as EBIF and other industry-standard interactive platforms expand across tens of millions of set-top boxes this year.

ETV Mosaic produces an enhanced visual program guide with multiple navigable thumbnails of live video channels. With their remote control, the subscriber at home can navigate and highlight individual tiles and hear the accompanying audio, and can tune to that channel. Ligos’ ETV Mosaic system integrates all of the required functions – stream input, compositing, metadata, encoding, EBIF, ETV carousel and stream output – into a single, compact server platform. Since 2006, Ligos has led the industry in providing the next-generation “digital mosaic experience” for multichannel operators worldwide with its Mosaic product. This video-rich interface has increasingly become a must-have feature to create portals featuring news, sports, movies and Video on Demand, as well as special event programming such as playoffs and the Olympics. And with its support for dynamic content scheduling and advertising, Ligos Mosaic has provided operators the opportunity to generate new revenue streams.

ETV Mosaic, however, is even more flexible and powerful than its predecessor, free of the limited support provided by guide middleware. With the ETV Mosaic, operators can implement custom layouts enhanced with interactivity that goes beyond visual guide channels. With features such as scrolling text crawls and the ability to utilize external data resources through the product’s API, ETV Mosaic is an advanced presentation engine for the delivery of fully-featured interactive television applications. The system automatically generates the corresponding audiovisual and navigational EBIF dataset which is compatible with leading EBIF User Agents as well as industry-standard interfaces for addressable advertising and messaging. In addition, ETV Mosaic’s unique integrated ETV carousel allows the system to function in a standalone capacity, thus reducing overall cost and complexity for multichannel operators.

For content providers, ETV Mosaic’s integrated EBIF authoring provides the tools needed to deliver sophisticated interactive content to viewers and potential customer subscribers. The system’s graphical environment lets designers create content in a fashion similar to – and as easy as – composing presentation slides. Through its multiple module support, and by seamlessly combining pre-rendered graphic elements with less complex EBIF elements, content is optimized to load quickly and function smoothly across both new and legacy STB platforms. And ETV Mosaic supports the standard specifications for ETV content definition and delivery, meaning content can be created and packaged in-house, and delivered to any carousel system at the headend.

ETV Mosaic is available now, and multichannel operators and content providers are invited to contact us through our website at, or by phone 1-912-236-8993 for more information on features and pricing.

About Ligos Corporation

Since 1997, Ligos has been a leading provider in solutions that enable the delivery of digital video and advanced television experiences. The company’s expertise spans multiple platforms and networks, and their products have revolutionized the digital home, professional video production and networked video industries. Ligos’ unique set of proficiencies in video processing enables the personalized video offerings of tomorrow by extending the capabilities of today’s standards and platforms. With diverse partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Sony, SeaChange and Rovi Corporation, Ligos has made a worldwide impact on how the industry delivers content to consumer subscribers, and how they interact with it.