Ligos to Demonstrate ETV Mosaic

Platform for EBIF™ authoring and playout to be shown at CableLabs® Winter Conference

SAVANNAH, GA – (February 4, 2010): Ligos Corporation, a leading provider in solutions for advanced television, has announced that it will demonstrate its ETV Mosaic system at next week’s annual CableLabs® Winter Conference as part of the EBIF™ Ecosystem area. ETV Mosaic is a visual EBIF authoring and playout system that provides tools to create and deliver sophisticated interactive content to subscribers, and is aimed at multichannel operators, content owners and solution providers adopting the EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) CableLabs Project specification for interactive applications.

ETV Mosaic’s graphical environment enables designers to create dynamic interactive content using a workflow similar to composing presentation slides. The system provides all of the required functions – video and graphics input, compositing, encoding, authoring, ETV carousel and stream output – into a single, compact server platform. In addition to a visually rich output video stream, the system generates the corresponding interactive EBIF application for use with the industry’s leading ETV User Agents and with standards for content definition (CoDF), advanced advertising and messaging (SaFI).

Using ETV Mosaic, content developers can build and deploy applications for video-rich program guides, polling applications, commerce, advanced advertising, RFI, VOD and premium channel promotion, customer care and billing, and TV Everywhere initiatives. Ligos will be showing a number of these interactive applications at the Denver conference next week.

ETV Mosaic is the latest groundbreaking product from Ligos Corporation, whose mission is to extend standards-based video processing technology in order to deliver highly personalized video services over open platforms. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Savannah, GA, Ligos has been a leading provider in solutions that enable the delivery of digital video and advanced television experiences. ETV Mosaic is available now, and multichannel operators and content providers are invited to visit us at the conference or contact us through our website at, or by phone 1-912-236-8993 for more information.

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Ligos ETV Mosaic - Example ETV EBIF interactive TV channel