Since 1997, Ligos has worked with a variety of technology partners to create innovative products meeting the diverse needs of the broadcast and network video industries, as well as those of desktop video applications. Whether through the integration of our Mosaic enhanced program guides or through partnered systems design and consulting, Ligos has a long history of helping our partners bring new solutions to their customers.

Zodiac Interactive

Zodiac InteractiveZodiac Interactive is an Emmy award-winning developer of software for interactive television. Zodiac’s PowerUp™ Framework is cross-platform software that unifies and enables advanced TV applications across multiple set-tops. The core of PowerUp, with its open APIs and libraries, makes it easy for iTV service providers to develop and deploy advanced TV services, such as user interfaces, EBIF, EPGs, tru2way, voting, polling, VOD, OTT Web-Services, click-to-call and other features demanded by operators today.

Rovi Corporation

Rovi CorporationRovi Corporation (formerly Macrovision Solutions) is focused on providing a uniquely simple digital home entertainment experience by delivering solutions to businesses to protect, enhance and distribute digital goods to consumers across multiple channels. Rovi Corporation technologies are deployed by companies in the entertainment, consumer electronics, cable and satellite, and online distribution markets to solve industry-specific challenges and bring greater value to their customers. The result of deploying Rovi’s solutions is a simple end user experience to discover, manage and enjoy digital content. Today, Rovi provides connected middleware, media recognition, interactive programming guides, copy protection and rich media, data and metadata on music, games, movies and television programming.

Intel Corporation

Intel CorporationFor over 35 years, Intel Corporation has developed technology enabling the computer and Internet revolution that has changed the world. Intel supplies the computing and communications industries with chips, boards, systems, and software building blocks that are the “ingredients” of computers, servers and networking and communications products. Since 1997, Ligos and Intel have worked closely to create highly-optimized video processing solutions for broadcast video industries and desktop video applications.

SeaChange International

SeaChange InternationalSeaChange provides powerful server and software systems that enable television operators to provide new on-demand services and to gain greater efficiencies in advertising and content delivery. Ligos has contributed codec technology to SeaChange’s Digital Transcoder system for cable television operators and content originators, as well as SeaChange’s MediaClient Architecture that couples real-time, broadcast-quality I/O, video processing and storage access over Gigabit IP networks.

Sony Corporation

SonySony is a leading worldwide provider of video and audio equipment for the broadcast, production, business, industrial, government, medical, and education markets. Sony provides specialized equipment and systems for data recording, duplication, video conferencing, high definition video, interactive and security applications. Ligos and Sony collaborated on Sony’s Sonaps™ production system, a highly effective, all-digital server-based production solution that scales from smaller news operations to large central broadcast stations.

DTV Innovations

DTV InnovationsDTV Innovations provides high quality, cost-effective products and solutions to television broadcasters as they quickly and seamlessly upgrade to digital and high definition standards. They are fully dedicated to the development of new advancements in digital broadcasting, including true end-to-end solutions from design and implementation to support and after sales service.

Computer Modules

Computer ModulesSince 1982, Computer Modules Inc, now CMI, has provided state-of-the-art products to the video/broadcast industry. Recently the Professional Broadcast Products Division of CMI has been designated DVEO. DVEO’s vision is to constantly deliver the most innovative and cost-effective niche solution products worldwide, for leading-edge firms in the professional video and broadcasting markets.