Indeo and Online Orders FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing Indeo

I keep getting a pop-up in Windows telling me I need Indeo for my application or webcam, and referring me to your site. Do I have to buy Indeo?

You may not need to, but we do not offer Indeo for free and no trial or demo version is available. The message you see was generated by Windows. If you are being prompted by Windows or your application to get Indeo, you should first check with the manufacturer of your software or Microsoft Support before purchasing as they may have a free update available.

I have an application that requires Indeo, but I’m running Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or a 64-bit Windows OS

Ligos’ Software Codecs for Windows are not supported on those operating systems due to changes made by Microsoft. You will need to contact Microsoft Support for a solution.

I have an application that requires Indeo, but I’m running a Mac

Ligos does not offer Indeo Codecs for the Mac operating systems.

I was referred to this page by another website in order to get an MPEG-4 Player

Indeo is not an MPEG-4/MP4 codec, and Ligos does not offer an MPEG-4 Player.

Do I get a hard copy on CD with my purchase?

No, Ligos Indeo Software Codecs for Windows are available through download only. You are entitled and encouraged to make a back up copy for your own personal use (if, for instance, you ever have to re-install your OS).

What versions of the Indeo codecs are included with Ligos Indeo Software Codecs for Windows?

Ligos Indeo Software Codecs for Windows includes the codecs for Indeo Video versions 4 and 5, and Audio version 2.5. All other versions (such as Indeo 2 and 3) are no longer available and no longer supported.

My application requires Indeo 5.11 but Windows has Indeo 5.10 on my system. Do I need a new version?

You should not need a new version. Microsoft once distributed Indeo 5.10 on its operating systems as a core system file. Ligos Indeo Software Codecs for Windows will not install on those systems. You will need to contact Microsoft Support for a solution.

I had Indeo on my system but it has stopped working after I did a Windows Update. Can you help?

You will need to contact Microsoft Support for a solution.

Do I get a receipt?

Yes, an invoice is e-mailed to you along with the download information once your order has been processed. Make certain that you provide us with an accurate e-mail address. If you do not get the confirmation e-mail within a few minutes, check your “Spam” or “Bulk Mail” folder, as it may have been routed there by your e-mail application.

I was disconnected during the download process. My password does not work anymore.

Access to the download page should be available for a few days after your purchase. If not, e-mail our customer support at with your name, e-mail address, order number and date of purchase, and we will provide you with a new link.

I lost my original download version of the software and the download site is now closed. How can I re-download without being charged again?

If you have previously purchased and downloaded a product from us, and have lost the original installation file, you can request a new download by e-mailing our customer support at Provide your name, e-mail address, and date of purchase, Order ID from the original e-mail (if available), and we will look up your record and contact you with information for a new download.

I received LSX-MPEG for Adobe Premiere as a part of a bundled package. Can I upgrade my version to the latest

Our LSX-MPEG line of products was retired in 2002. Upgrades for LSX-MPEG products are no longer available.

I need to purchase Indeo, but I don’t want to use PayPal or I don’t have a PayPal account

Ligos uses PayPal for secure processing of online transactions. You do not require a PayPal account. You can pay by Credit Card without a PayPal account, or directly from an existing PayPal account you may already have. Simply choose the approriate option on the PayPal page when checking out.

No physical product is shipped, and no other options are available for purchase. There is no free or demo version available.

I’m trying to order Indeo online but PayPal keeps rejecting, or having errors after submitting information.

Above all, be certain that the billing address you enter matches that of the credit card account you are using.

Otherwise, it’s possible that the payment verification system may be down. Try again later or contact the institution that issued your card to see if there is a problem.

I downloaded Indeo without a problem, but when I try to install it, the installation process freezes where it reports, “Searching for instances of NETSCAPE, Please Wait ….”

In order to get around this problem, follow this method instead for installation:

– Double-click the installation file
– Choose “Custom” set up. A number of options will appear
– Scroll down the list to “Web Browser Plugin”
– UNCHECK ” Web Browser Plugin
– Follow prompts to the finish