Ligos Mosaic – Video Rich Navigation

Mosaic - Digital Video MosaicToday’s multi-channel operators are seeking new solutions to differentiate their video services from that of their competition – “competition” being anything that draws their subscribers away from the set-top box. Operators are struggling with meeting market and regulatory requirements such as digital switchover, demand for VOD and HD, STB limitations and other factors that often constrain their ability to be innovative. Any new feature under consideration must be evaluated quickly, integrated seamlessly into the existing architecture, and rolled-out with a minimum of engineering effort. Ideally, once implemented, the new feature would not only aid in the retention of subscribers, but have the ability to contribute to the bottom line as well.

Ligos Mosaic is just such a solution. Mosaic is a cost-effective headend-based enhancement to the existing Interactive Program Guide that allows operators to provide video-rich, next generation guide channels, even on an install-base of legacy STBs and more. Not only do Mosaic-enabled channels deliver a more compelling subscriber experience, but they present operators with new revenue opportunities as well. Statistics show that subscribers spend up to 10% of their viewing time within the program guide, and there are few better opportunities for advertising and promotion than when the viewer is in discovery mode.

MediaRig Digital Video Mosaic for compelling STB guide channels with integrated, dynamically driven advertisingUsing a tiled “video montage” layout, a mosaic channel shows multiple thumbnails of high-quality live video streams on a single TV screen. The viewer uses the arrow buttons on their remote control to navigate and highlight individual tiles and hear the accompanying audio, and can directly tune to that channel if something captures their interest. With Mosaic, MSOs can group together similarly themed content to create audience-specific portals for News, Sports, Children’s, Movie and local programming. Mosaic channels are also ideal for applications that can really differentiate your service from the competition, such as local weather and traffic cam channels and “event” television. And Mosaic is the ultimate way to obtain new revenues by incorporating interactive advertising, promotions for services such as triple-play, VOD and PPV portals and more.

Use Ligos Video Mosaic to create video rich navigation channels grouped together by category -- News, Sport, Children's, VOD and moreA compact 1RU server equipped with Mosaic software replaces a rack full of headend equipment that might otherwise be required to generate a single video rich channel. Ligos’ Mosaic implementation is compatible with a wide variety of industry EPG middleware solutions including Rovi Corporation’s i-Guide™, Passport, Microsoft, SARA, MDN 3.0 and EBIF. As a result, Ligos Mosaic is the most widely-deployed solution worldwide for enhanced guides.

Mosaic is advanced video-processing software that utilizes Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for input, output, and management, and easily integrates into today’s multichannel architectures. The software consolidates all of the required functions – input, decoding, re-scaling, compositing, navigation metadata generation, channel mapping, encoding, multiplexing, integrated carousel and output – into a single, compact platform that can be managed online in real-time, either locally or remotely.

Review a video Mosaic system architecture, see the physical specifications and download a datasheet

Multichannel providers in the Cable, Telco Video and DBS segments interested in Mosaic are invited to contact us through our Information Request Form, or by phone at 888-464-8765 (toll free) or 912-236-8993 ext. 101, weekdays between 8:30am and 5pm.