Digital media expertise, at your service

Ligos Corporation is committed to setting industry milestones, offering outstanding products and exemplary service & support. It is our desire to continue to build on this proven foundation, providing even more revolutionary services and solutions in the future.

Since 1997, Ligos has worked with a variety of technology partners to create innovative products that meet the diverse needs of the broadcast and network video industries through partnered systems design and consulting. As an acknowledged leader in the global digital video market, Ligos actively collaborates with technology partners to deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions to these rapidly evolving markets. Custom projects developed with partners such as Avid, Broadbus, ICTV, Leitch, SeaChange International, Sony, Intel, and Thales have given Ligos an unparalleled breadth of experience in our field.

Let us put our technological expertise to work to help you solve the unique challenges you face in today’s broadcast markets. Through our expertise in digital media, we can help you define and develop turnkey solutions that are more flexible, reliable and cost-effective than off-the-shelf solutions. Whether you’re an equipment manufacturer, a systems integrator, or a content provider, our open-platform approach to broadcast and distribution can help you achieve new efficiencies and unlock new revenue opportunities in the following areas:

  • Video codec engineering
  • Audio codec engineering
  • EBIF – ETV
  • Multi-format Encoders
  • Multi-format Transcoders
  • Video Mosaic
  • Video processing software (compositing, grooming, transcoding)
  • Network Management Systems

Our team of talented and professional engineers, averaging over 15 years of experience in the industry, can provide the outsourced solutions you require for the design, development and engineering of your specific broadcast systems. We invite you to contact us by phone at 888-464-8765 (toll free) or 912-236-8993 ext.101 between 9am and 5pm to discuss your needs.