Mosaic Support

Ligos Technical Support for Mosaic or MediaRig products is provided to those who have purchased from Ligos directly. Support can be obtained by filling out the form below. Additional contact information can be located in your documentation.


For Mosaic support, please refer to the terms outlined in your Service Contract, and the details outlined in the Support and Contact section of the Mosaic User Guide, included with your systems. If that information is not available, please submit your support request through the form below.

MediaRig Encoder

As of May 31, 2010, our MediaRig Encoder SD product has been retired. This section is maintained for existing direct Ligos customers for support purposes. MediaRig Encoder customers still under warranty or support contract may contact us using the MediaRig Support Request Form below. Be sure to include or have available the following information in your initial correspondence:

  • Your name (and name of licensee contact, if different)
  • Your company
  • Contact Information (e-mail, phone, days and time of operation)
  • Software Serial# (see the About Box, Options Button)
  • Hardware Service Tag # (see exterior case of system)
  • Description of the issue – include as much information as possible so that we can compare it to our support database, and try to recreate the issue for troubleshooting

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Support Request Form

Please fill out all fields. Visitors that have Indeo related questions, please visit our Indeo Support page. All other inquiries not related to Mosaic or MediaRig Support

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