Mosaic Fail-Safe Supervisor

MosaicMosaic Fail-Safe Supervisor is a network-based failover monitoring and control system specifically for Ligos Mosaic systems. Mosaic Fail-Safe Supervisor monitors the connections and processing of Mosaic systems on the network, and can be used to configure a rollover to a redundant system should a problem be detected. Mosaic Fail-Safe Supervisor features an auto discovery function to quickly build a map of your Mosaic network, and can be configured to send e-mail alerts for problem events. Also included is a portable, lightweight Client application that can be installed on any Windows system on the network, allowing the user to remotely monitor the status of the Mosaic network. Mosaic Fail-Safe Supervisor is provided as a 1RU server system.

Standard Features

  • Interface � IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet
  • Protocol � TCP/IP and UDP Multicast Management
  • The number of Ligos Mosaic systems that can be monitored is based on the available system resources of the Fail-Safe Supervisor system
  • Auto Discovery feature searches for Mosaic systems within a specified network range
  • Monitor, start, stop, restart and view status details on connected Mosaic systems
  • Specify rollover parameters for individual systems
  • E-mail notification feature enables high-priority e-mail alerts to be sent when problems are detected
  • Remote client software provided to enable monitoring from any Windows PC on the network

Fail-Safe Supervisor Physical Specifications


  • Form Factor: 1U Rack
  • Height: 1.68″ (4.27 cm)
  • Width: 17.60″ (44.70 cm)
  • Depth: 21.50″ (54.61 cm)
  • Weight: 26.0 lbs. (11.80kg)

Ports and Drives:

  • Rear: 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x video connector, 1 x serial connector, 1 x PS/2 mouse connector, 1 x PS/2 keyboard connector
  • Front: 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x video connector
  • 3 x Gigabit NICs (one each for mutlicast input, Mosaic system management, and redundancy functions)
  • Internal DVD ROM Drive


  • Single power supply (345W)

Multichannel providers in the Cable, IPTV and DBS segments, and middleware providers interested in Mosaic and its Fail-Safe Supervisor are invited to contact us through our Information Request Form, or by phone at 912-236-8993 ext.101 between 9am and 5pm ET.