Ligos Video Mosaic – Technical Data

Illustration of how three video Mosaic channels can be easily implemented within the headend and delivered to the subscriber using Ligos Mosaic , including those for redundancy and rollover management and monitoring

Mosaic is an all-digital MPEG-2 software solution that utilizes Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for input, output, and management, and easily integrates into today’s multichannel architectures. The software consolidates all of the required functions – input, decoding, re-scaling, compositing, XML navigation metadata generation, channel mapping, encoding, multiplexing and output – into a single, compact platform that can be managed online in real-time, either locally or remotely. In addition, a network-based monitoring solution, Mosaic Fail-Safe Supervisor, is available.

The easy to use Mosaic Control Client user interface - click to enlargeThe Mosaic client user interface provides the operator a straightforward and precise way to produce engaging layouts that include video, still graphics, text and navigation elements as layered elements positioned over branded still or motion backgrounds of their own creation. Tile contents can be dynamically changed and keyed on/off as-needed, and layouts and assets can be saved and recalled for future use. The integrated Channel Map utility and XML-based architecture makes mosaic configuration portable, easy to use and ideal for integration into external control systems.

Multichannel providers in the Cable, Telco Video and DBS segments interested in Mosaic are invited to contact us through our Information Request Form, or by phone at 888-464-8765 (toll free) or 912-236-8993 ext. 101, weekdays between 8:30am and 5pm.

Mosaic Specifications


Mosaic - for IPGs, traffic cameras, weather, classified advertising, event television and more.

  • Interface – IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet and local file input
  • Protocol – UDP Multicast
  • Stream – SPTS or MPTS MPEG-2 Transport Streams via UDP
  • Video – ISO/IEC 13818 MPEG-2 SD MP@ML Elementary, Program or Transport
  • Formats – NTSC or PAL
  • Audio – MPEG Layer II or Dolby Digital AC-3
  • Data – Middleware specific data
  • Background – Motion video or still image
  • Graphic Formats – 24 or 32-bit bitmap (*.bmp) image files with alpha channel support


Feature dynamic interactive cable advertising with Mosaic as a new source of revenue and platform for promotions.

  • Options for processing up to 12 standard definition video inputs (including motion or still backgrounds) for the creation of a tiled, interactive video-rich program guide
  • End-to-end production: multi-program input, demultiplexing, decoding, rescaling, rounding and cropping, composition, quality pre-processing, generation of XML navigation data, channel mapping, encoding, and remux… all in a single 1RU system
  • Image and text tools ideal for logos, navigational cues and channel and operator branding
  • Integrated templates for i-Guide(tm) IPG “VRN” option (versions A.24x and beyond) available (i-Guide is a trademark of Rovi Corporation)
  • Also compatible with middleware based on Passport, Microsoft, SARA, MDN 3.0 and EBIF
  • Full control over bitrate (constant and variable modes) and GOP sequence, including audio rate transcoding
  • Tools for high-quality processing and output, including scene and telecine detection


  • Interface – IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet and file output
  • Protocol – UDP Multicast or Unicast IP
  • Stream – MPEG-2 Single Program Transport Stream via UDP
  • Video – ISO/IEC 13818 MPEG-2 SD 4:2:0 MP@ML
  • Formats – NTSC or PAL
  • Bit Rate – 2 to 15 Mbps
  • Audio – MPEG Layer II or Dolby Digital AC-3 pass-through or re-encode
  • Data – Program tables, channel map data and XML navigation metadata

Additional Features

Mosaic as used by Oceanic Time-Warner in Hawaii for video rich navigation guide channels, such as SportsChoice, and more

  • Interface – direct configuration via keyboard and mouse on local system, or remote operation over Ethernet using the Control Client or XML API
  • Protocol – client/server operation using RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) over TCP/IP
  • Control Client UI can be used to control and monitor layout and mosaic processing either locally on the same system, or remotely from another PC on the same network
  • Channel Map utility – integrated XML-based system to easily set up a portable version of the input stream program map table, select which assets are used in the Mosaic layouts, and label the content (Program, Provider, Channel #, etc.)
  • Tabbed user interface simplifies the creation of Mosaic layouts with PowerPoint-like workspace and real-time visual preview areas
  • XML-based API documentation and extensive User Guide included
  • Mosaic Failsafe Supervisor system (a network-based failover/rollover monitoring system specifically for Mosaic) also available

Mosaic Technical Support

Ligos takes pride in our reputation for quality products, excellent customer service and responsive technical support. Customer inquiries are answered promptly and most support issues are resolved the same day. A number of technical support packages are available with Mosaic. Please contact a Ligos sales representative for details. Current customers can find contact information in their Mosaic documentation included with each system, and may contact our Mosaic Support Team through the support form found on the Mosaic Support page.

Datasheet and Additional Technical Documentation

Read PDFLigos Mosaic Datasheet
Review the technical details for the Mosaic software(PDF, 495 kb). Requires Acrobat Reader.

Multichannel providers in the Cable, IPTV and DBS segments, and middleware providers interested in Mosaic are invited to contact us through our Information Request Form, or by phone at 888-464-8765 (toll free) ext. 101 or 912-236-8993 ext.101 between 8:30am and 5pm.